Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coraline & Hawaiian Konadicure

I got some Konad supplies from (which currently matches other konad distributor discounts such as the one I mentioned yesterday from wowsocool) I picked up the Coraline #1 Kit and 3 plates (hawaiian theme m29, halloween m13 and christmas m12)

I've read a lot of problems about the image not picking up from the stamper so as suggested I cleaned the plates and stamper with acetone before use. I had no problems so far besides learning to line up the images. The best reference is from The Nailphile! Please read it here

First Up is Coraline!
Essie 'Watermelon' with Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl for buttons, Yellow Special Polish for beattle and China Glaze Harmony from Romantique Collection on the thumb. Pardon the pre-clean up!


Today's konadicure - OPI South Beach Collection 'Suzi & The Lifeguard' Konad Special Polish in Yellow & China Glaze L8R G8TR for thumb pineapple, China Glaze DV8 middle finger, China Glaze LOL ring finger, Konad Special Pink and QT for pinkie. Pinkie is a bit of a disaster.




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