Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ordered a new camera....

Go figure, finally post about downtime and I got the green light to get a new camera! I ordered a Canon Powershot SD780 IS in 'deep red' with a Joby gorrillapod (tripod). I love Canon's (the last one lasted 5 years with no problems) and I've always liked the manual settings as well as picture quality for the price. This one was $210 from and what really made me want this was it has HD quality video capability. I've heard mixed reviews but the rest of the camera is so nice that it may not matter. We do have a very consumer camera that I think will do the trick since I'm going to dive into trying to make makeup videos. There are a few less manual settings but I don't think I ever needed the ones that aren't included anymore. I just need a point and shoot camera right now until I'm ready to take the plunge into the DSLR world.

So some updates. We still haven't gotten a house, you can read more about that on my DH's blog, The Slow Lane, and musings about why the first time home buyer tax credit is part of our problem. We've taken a break from it all in hopes to recover mentally from all this and there just aren't any more good homes available.

In make up news Sephora Friends and Family sale is well under way and is expiring at Midnight PST on November 2nd. The code if FF2009 and applies to anything in stock. A frequently asked question about the sale is if you can go in stores. Yes and No. Some stores have been nice enough to honor the discount but they are few and far between. The event is intended, as all F&F events, for the friends and family of the employees. There were rumors that VIBs would get a special email but it never came to fruition (booo!). I did make an order for staples like Living Proof spray, Klorane dry shampoo, Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Mascara and a new $OPI Absinthe Makes the Heart nail polish. I also wanted to try 2 primers (Cargo HD & Laura Mercier Mineral Primer (liquid)) Cargo is going back and Laura Mercier may as well. They are average at best and for the price, it isnt' worth keeping. I also, FINALLY, got my hands on the Lowe's Holiday Storage Chest!! In previous years, Lowe's offered a wooden, felt lined tool box around the holidays. I couldn't get a hold of one in '07 and they weren't made in '08 so I thought I'd never own one.

This year they decided to make them again!! I have to make a seperate post about that with proper pictures but I think any person who is into make up would love it as it is great looking and holds a ton!

Lets see.. last Saturday was the first Nails Night Out in New York City. It started very late and was a bit disorganized but for a first attempt, it was BRILLIANT. I went with a fellow blogger (mayaari)and we met a lot of great girls, swapped polish, ate, drank and got an amazing goodie bag! Argh, another reason why I miss my camera! I've been keeping the goodie bag together and not putting it away so I can someday take pictures!

The holiday season is quickly coming and that means some of the best make up! Bare Escentuals has a TSV that is crosspromting with Honora - the details are sketchy but there is jewelry involved for sure! I hope Paul will forgive me on this one. I really wanted to order the TSV before the show but since details aren't for certain on what will be released when, I wanted to wait so maybe I could make one order to keep the cost of shipping down (QVC is such a ripoff and wasteful in their shipping practices - I only order their exclusives when absolutely necessary.) The TSV is November 7th at midnight.

10 piece kit with a vanity box including:
Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil – subtle pearlescent
Blissful Pearl Eye Shadow – Seashell Peach
Magnificent Pearl Eye Shadow – Charcoal Taupe
Precious Pearl Blush Dusty Pink
Big & Bright Mineral Eyeliner Pencil – Black
Flawless Definition Mascara – Black
Sugared Strawberry Natural Lipgloss
3 brushes with white, synthetic hair and custom handles
Precision Eye Defining Brush
Tapered Blush Brush
Flawless Application Brush

The price is $44.97 on 3 evil pays of $14.99 there is an Auto Delivery option (A188271) for February 2010, June 2010 and September 2010 kits. There is a single shipment available as well (A97882) with the same evil pay. The item #s are advanced ones and the night before these will stop working so I'll update when the new ones come up.

There are a lot of other holiday offerings coming up and when I have more time, I'll happily give more details including a preview night where boutiques sell these in advance!

Until then, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Maybe I'll take some iphone pics of what I'll play with for Halloween.


It has been a while since I've blogged and it is simply because the 5 year old canon has died. Due to budget constraints, we haven't been able to purchase a new camera. Go figure, I finally decide to start blogging and my camera dies. Hopefully some of the new ones I've been scoping out will be even better and maybe I'll even get to do a video! Stay tuned.. I'll be back soon!